Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The desecration of Ben Chifley's Speech by Rudd!

Ben Chifley would not have been turning in his grave during Kevin Rudd’s triumphal concession speech last week, he would have been spinning like a top! For this man to quote Chifley’s ‘Light on the hill’ speech was the ultimate hypocrisy.  Chifley’s  speech in part says,

 ‘…it is the duty and responsibility of the community and those more fortunately placed to see that our less fortunate citizens are protected from those shafts of fate which leave them helpless and without hope,…’ I wonder how these words would be taken on Manus Island and Nauru?

After 35 years of membership I resigned from the Party the night Rudd was re-elected to the Prime Ministership.  For the Labor Party to move forward Rudd needs to do the same.

Perhaps if he does so many of us who have left in disgust lately may rethink our decision.

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